Our Career Test Will Help You Discover Your Best Career Choices
(in less than 15 minutes)

By Michael T. Robinson
President and Chief Career Coach

How Does Our Career Test Help You?

  • It will help you discover the type of work that is right for you
  • It will build confidence in your career direction so you don't get blown off course
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  • It will give you solid, objective career direction that you can count on
  • It will give you new career ideas you may have previously overlooked
  • It will help you avoid careers that might be a bad fit for you
  • It will validate the career ideas you may already be considering
  • It will help you rediscover your true passion in life if you have forgotten it
  • It will help you build the confidence you need to begin a big career change

  • It will explain your "Career Type / Holland Code" in simple easy to understand terms
  • It will show you how to narrow down a long list of career choices to your best choices
  • It will show you an amazing technique to decide which career is best for you

Plus it's Fast and 100% Guaranteed by our Good Karma Refund Policy


Who Will Benefit From Taking Our Career Test?

Career Changers

  • Anyone considering a major career change should take this test because it will help you. develop the clear vision you need to get through a big career change.

Anyone Investing in Education and Training i.e. College, Vocational School etc,

  • Anyone planning to spend 1 to 8 years in school should use our Career Test to make sure you are choosing a career you can be passionate about.
  • Having a solid career direction will help you stay on track when times get tough.
  • Having a clear vision of your career will help you graduate on time and avoid the expense and delays of changing majors.

Too Young / Too Old?

  • The people that use our test range in age from 13 to 60+ with even a few over 70.
  • Because your interests will change over time, we suggest you take the test every 10 years, or after any major life changes.


How Does It Work?

Several years ago a scientist and researcher named Dr. John Holland developed a way to show people what types of work they would be the most happy and successful with.

Dr. Holland devised what is called the Holland Code. It's a 2 to 3 letter code that can be used to point you to careers and types of work that you will most likely become passionate about.

Dr. Holland devised his system by studying people who were both successful and happy with their careers. He matched the types of work they did with their interests.

Thus when you purchase and take our Career Interest Test, your report will show you careers and types of work that have been proven to be a good match with people who share similar interests to you.

Whereas our Career Interest Test works by matching your interests to careers, we also offer a tool that matches your Psychological / Personality Type with careers. We use both tests in all of our Career Counseling sessions because they help us understand the client better.


Have a Look at These Sample Reports

Sample Report - A

This career interest report is from a client who was extremely creative and artistic. She was a published writer and has even sold her paintings.

Sample Report - I

This career interest report came from one of our clients who was a very successful engineer.

Sample Report - E

This career interest report came from a client who was an entrepreneur who had created multiple businesses, all of which were successful.


The Benefits of Knowing What Career Is Right For You

To be successful and satisfied with your career, you have to be doing the right type of work.

Everyone has their own "right type of work." It's up to you to discover the type of work that's right for you. That's what our Career Interest Test helps you do.

In his book "Outliers," author Malcolm Gladwell shows that to become truly good at something, you need to practice it for ~ 10,000 hours.

To be great at hockey, or writing, or painting, or playing the violin or whatever it is you want to do, you have to love it enough to easily spend 10,000 hours at it. That's about 5 to 8 years, just to become good.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft had been programming computers for over 10,000 hours by the time he wrote the operating system for the IBM PC.

The Beatles had been playing live, on stage in Europe, for over 10,000 hours prior to coming to America and becoming overnight successes.

When you are doing the work you love, it does not feel like work at all. When I am doing the work I love, I light up, become positive, become energetic, become creative etc. It feels like play to me. It's pleasurable and time flies. But then when I have to do work that I am not well suited to, like preparing taxes, doing bookkeeping, or cold calling someone, I am truly miserable.

So you need to know what type of work you can be passionate about and our Career Test will help you figure out what that work is.


Is It Accurate & Reliable?

Because all of our Career Counseling clients take the Career Interest Test, we get to talk to them personally. During each session we go over the Test Report to make sure it is accurate and that the client agrees with the report.

We have found that in all but a few rare cases (maybe 1 / 5,000) the Career Type / Holland Code is an accurate match to the test taker.

In the rare cases where the Career Interest Test was not useful, we saw one of two extreme patterns:

In one extreme, the test scores for each career type were all low, indicating the test taker was not interested in anything. This usually occurred with younger people who did not want to be taking a test or who were in a bad mood that day. In these cases retaking the test when the student is in a better space worked, but also the Personality Type Test worked even during the bad moods.

We also allow you to take the test over again for no extra charge.

The other extreme case was where the test scores showed the test taker was interested in just about any career. Everything career looked good to the test taker. This is extremely rare put can happen with adults who have a very wide range of interests and skills. The "jack of all trades" as we call them. In these cases the Career Counseling session helped clarify what the true interests and best career choices were.

The fundamental technology behind our Career Interest Test has been in use for over 40 years. However, in 1998 we released a vastly improved version that incorporates our own special technology. Since then, our technology has been continually updated.

Since 1998 we have helped thousands of clients around the world. Although we are based in the US, we have Career Test clients from the UK, Canada, China, India, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc.

Even with our 100% money back Good Karma guarantee, we hardly ever see requests for a refund.


Is This An Aptitude Test?

Our Career Test will indirectly measure your aptitude however this is not an aptitude test.

We won't test your math skills, your hand-eye coordination, nor your ability for spatial visualization.


Ability is far less important than interest. 

If you are passionate about a type of work, you will become very good at it. You will easily find the time to study, practice, learn etc.  You will do whatever it takes to succeed.

It's that simple. 

The reverse is not true. If you are good at doing something i.e. you have a strong aptitude for something, it does not mean you will enjoy it nor be successful at it.

It's all about discovering what you are truly interested in.


What If You Don't Take a Career Test or Plan Your Career?

Taking a career test is one of the first steps in planning your career and your life.

It's most useful when you are 13 to 16 years old, prior to deciding on what education you need, and then later in life when you want to change or fine tune your career.

Because of our Career Counseling practice, we get to talk to many people who never planned their career. For some, it turned out OK. They eventually landed in a job or career they liked, at least for awhile.

What we see most often is that people usually just wander, somewhat randomly, through school and into their first real job.

You would not believe the number of college grads who call us, saying they will be getting a degree soon, what can they do with it.

Most often, people find themselves having to make a career decision but because they have not taken a career test nor done any career planning, they just guess, or take the easiest path, or get a degree in something where they enjoy the classes but where there are no jobs. Wrong!!!

Worst case is when somebody influenced them into a career path without looking at objective data.

In short, we see a lot of people who have been working for 5 to 10 years and who are just miserable because they are in absolutely the wrong field, based on their interests and personality type.

Taking our Career Interest Test and doing a small amount of career planning can help you avoid situations where:

  • You never achieve as much as you can achieve
  • You aren't able to make as big of an impact as you want
  • You always wonder if there was something better
  • You find yourself changing college majors and wasting a lot on money
  • You fall behind your classmates and peers who did find the right careers

There is no need for any of that to happen to you.


Why Is Our Career Test Better Than The Others?

  1. Unlike other web sites that offer Career Tests, our passion is helping people discover their perfect career direction. We have a passion for developing new tests (assessments) and for Career Counseling. Just look at all the assessments we are able to offer.
  2. Since 1998 we have been focused exclusively on helping people with their career direction. Its our specialty.
  3. Our Career Test is updated frequently. Many tests on the web are still using 1970's technology and career data.
  4. We don't use "forced choice" questions like many other tests. We let you skip questions rather than force you to select from two answers, neither of which you agree with.
  5. Our Career Test and Report is 100% guaranteed by our Good Karma Guarantee. If it does not help you, let us know and we will refund the full amount. It's that simple.
  6. You can re-take the test for free. Just email us.


Why Not Just Use The Free Tests on the Web?

  1. The main risk with free tests, is that you could get bad information and bad career direction. This bad information could subconsciously influence your career choices. You really do want to be careful what information you let into your brain.
  2. Web sites that offer "Free Career Tests" usually do not offer Career Counseling like we do. They probably never get to talk to their test takers to get the feedback that is needed to make their tests accurate and reliable.
  3. In many cases, web sites whose main products are free are not experts in assessments, nor careers. It takes a lot of money and years of experience to become an expert in assessments.
  4. "Free Tests" are usually not really free. Web sites have to make money these days. Usually if a test is free, there will be a report you need buy. We tell you up front what everything will cost.


OK, so how do you get started...

There a two purchasing options for the Career Interest Test—the Regular version and the Premium version. Both use the same exact test and report but the Premium version comes with instant delivery and other bonuses.

The Regular version costs US $24.95 and the report will be processed and placed in your account in 3 days. You just log back in to retrieve it. We will also email you to let you know it's ready.

The Premium version costs just $32.00, the report is available instantly as soon as you finish the test plus it comes with these special bonuses:

10 Vital Strategies to Maximize the Your Career Success (Valued at $29)
by Ford R. Myers, nationally acclaimed career coach.

This report shows you 10 strategies to make the most of your career. It helps you understand why just doing your job is not enough in today’s marketplace. It shows you what you can do to stay ahead of the competition.

Instant Report Processing ($10 Value)

After you complete your Career Test, we’ll compile the results instantly. So you can use your report right away to help you with your career direction.

With both versions you will be given a link in your receipt so you can take the test immediately, or you can come back any time later to take the test. It's very simple.


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10 Vital Strategies
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Here’s to finding your career direction,


Michael T. Robinson
President & Chief Career Coach