The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort
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The Knowdell™ Career Values Card Sort Will Help You:

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  • Identify and understand what your personal career values are

  • Prioritize the career values that are the most important to you

  • Evaluate different career and job opportunities based on your most important values


CareerPlanner offers the online (virtual) version only.
Physical card sorts are sold through a distributor.

Why Do Values Matter?

Career satisfaction and success is very dependent on your work and work environment being inline with your personal career values.

Yet most people don't know this.

For example, if one of your career values is "Honesty and Integrity," but the place you work at demands you do things you consider unethical or dishonest, you won't be happy in that job and you probably won't be successful there.

Values are the beliefs that come from our core. They are deeply embedded in us. Knowing your values is one of the keys to building a great career.


Hello Dick Knowdell,

I just wanted to thank you for inventing the skills and values card sorts, and for making the online versions available to us career coaches. I just used both online card sorts with a remote career coaching client who was sending me all sorts of mixed signals.

My client is capable of doing many different types of jobs, and with her multiple degrees and linguistic abilities is also capable of living in any number of countries, which she had done previously. She was torn between the extremes of working for a large corporation in a foreign country, or staying closer to home, opening a coffee shop and taking care of her aging parents.

The Motivated Skills deck showed both of us exactly which skills she preferred using. The values card deck showed that the most important things in her life were family, and work life balance. Achieving a high level position, career success and being a big shot in a corporation were not her values. So, after using the online card sorts, the answer became clear to my client. I didn't have to say anything. Her new career direction was that obvious.

These are amazing tools. Thanks for creating them.

A.G. a career coach in New York

Using the Online Career Values Cards is Both Fun and Easy

And it can begin to change your life.

In just 5 minutes you will have a better picture of what your most important values are.

Knowing your career values is one of the four critical keys to figuring out where and how you can be the most successful and the most fulfilled.

The other three keys are: your interests, your personality type, and your skills.


Available to both Individuals and Career Coaches

The Online Knowdell Career Values Card Sort is available to both individuals and Career Coaches.

Individuals can purchase the Career Values Card Sort for their own personal career exploration and career development.

Coaches and those wishing to offer card sorts to their clients or students must set up a "Test Admin" account before making a purchase.

This allows you to administer those card sorts remotely.

Click here to set up your test admin account.

Career Coaches can purchase the Career Values Card Sort with volume discounts. Career Coaches will have access to our Test Admin back office where you can administer values cards, skills cards, career tests, and personality tests to your clients.


Created by Richard Knowdell, MS, NCC, NCCC, CCMF, the world renown career development expert, the Career Values Card Sort is a quick and easy way to identify the the values that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success.

The Career Values Card Sort is a well established, proven tool that has been used by thousands of career seekers around the world. Richard developed it over 35 years ago while providing career counseling services to Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, one of the top research facilities in the USA. He continues to update and perfect the Career Values Cards, with this 2012 online version being the most recent.

The actual physical card sort consists of a deck of 54 cards that you would layout on a table in front of you. Then you move the cards around and sort them into various stacks. in partnership with Richard Knowdell developed and produced this on-line, virtual Career Values Card Sort.

Pricing for the Online Career Values Card Sort

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(Each deck can be used only once)

Knowdell Career Values Card Sort (online version - not the physical decks) - 1 Pak
$ 12.00
Knowdell Career Values Card Sort (online version - not the physical decks) - 3 Pak
$ 27.00
Knowdell Career Values Card Sort (online version - not the physical decks) - 10 Pak
$ 85.00

If you plan to offer these card sorts to your clients or students,
you must set up a Test Admin account before making your purchase.

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About Richard Knowdell

Richard Knowdell has trained thousands of career coaches around the world. Most recently he has been training in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, San Jose CA, and Atlanta GA.

Dick also trains career coaches at US Military bases, where they help returning veterans transition to civilian careers.


He offers two certificates:

  • Job and Career Development Coach
  • Job and Career Transition Coach

For information about Dick Knowdell, or his career coach training and certification sessions, click here



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