What's Included in Your Strong® or MBTI®

Debrief / Interpretation Consultation


Each Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI order comes with a debriefing / interpretation consultation over the phone or Skype.

We are ethically required by the publisher of the assessments (CPP®) to provide this consultation to people who purchase the Strong or MBTI.

Many people purchase the Strong and MBTI with a Career Counseling Package, so it's all covered during those sessions.

The intent of these quick consultations is to ensure the assessment came out correctly and to give you, the client, a basic interpretation of your report.

These quick, efficient consultations are not meant to cover career counseling issues. Career Counseling can be purchased separately or in a package.


Why Are These Consultations So Important?

The Strong

The reports that come with the Strong are fairly complex and very easy to misinterpret. Thus it's good to have a trained expert walk you through each report.

Also, in some rare cases, the report will indicate if something went wrong and that the data in the report should be used with caution. This usually occurs if the test taker has had any recent emotional events, or if the test taker is being forced to take the assessment, or if a job offer is at stake.

In such cases only a trained expert will know what to do.

Even if everything in the report is in good shape, the Strong is a psychometric instrument and as such should be interpreted by a person trained and certified in the field.



Personality testing is tricky to say the least. There are many reasons why the 4 letter type an assessment gives you may be incorrect. For this reason, we recommend two things:

1) Even if you have taken a personality test like the MBTI, put yourself through a Best Fit Exercise just to make sure you have the correct 4 letter type. How do you do that? Simple. Read descriptions of the 16 types and determine which one you think fits you the best. Then sleep on it for a few nights. Deciding on your 4 letter type is a big decision.


2) If you have purchased the MBTI from us, we will help you settle on the correct type during the phone / Skype debrief. But you should still do the Best Fit Exercise first. Ultimately, you own your 4 letter personality type and you have to be comfortable with it.



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