How To Read These "Self Portrait" Personality Type Descriptions

(from the authors)

This self-portrait was composed from interviews with 4 people of this type.

We asked them one question: "What is it like to be you?"

Then we captured the themes in their own words.

If this is your best-fit type, it should feel like the way you talk and really fit you well.

Read the description as a whole and all the way through to get a feel for how well it fits.

You want it to feel like a comfortable shoe.

There will be some things that do not fit, but in general if this is your type, it will feel like you.

If it does not feel like a really good fit, try on some other self-portraits.


About Finding Your Best Fit Type

Self-discovery is like listening to a song. You listen to it as a whole.

If you separate or rearrange the notes or change the rhythm or the sequence, you lose the melody.

Remember to listen to the whole description. See how it feels. Does it feel right? Is it your song?