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The jobs / careers listed below are expected to be in high demand in the near future. These opinions are based on observing trends and emerging markets rather than an exhaustive statistical analysis.

This list is 100% our own original list and is not copied from anywhere. Our list will probably will not agree with lists published by the department of labor.

This list of top 10 Careers is meant to give you ideas. Before you choose any career you should research it thoroughly to make sure there will be a good demand and that the job will be a good fit for you.


1) Social Media Managers

I first noticed that large, mainstream companies were hiring "Social Media Managers" in 2009 when I attended a lecture by Intel's top person in change of Social Media Marketing. I think she was either a Vice President or a Director level person.

I was shocked to see that one of our nations leading high tech firms had an entire staff of people working in social media and that one of them had such a high level title as Director or Vice President.

It was at this lecture I heard that Ford Motor Company had run a very successful marketing campaign for the Ford Fiesta, by using 20 something bloggers who would drive the cars around and blog and tweet every day. They established the product as a fun car for younger people to drive.

Small companies will probably have to use outside consultants to manage their social media since most older business owners won't have the inclination to Tweet.

2) Electrical / Electronic Engineers

The field of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been a high growth area for many years and I think it will continue.

It can also be very high pay. I've known many electronic engineers who moved into management in high tech companies and were making $150K to $200K/year and higher.

If you think about it, all of the high tech and internet gadgets are built on electronics and software. Software and hardware.

I've heard hardware company CEO's say they could not find enough engineering talent in the USA, so they were forced to go off shore. That says the demand is good.


3) Software Engineers

As with the electrical engineers, all of the modern gadgets, networks, and medical equipment run on software. Software and Hardware. A lot of it is still happening in the United States.

4) Nano-tech Engineers / Scientists

Nano-tech is a relatively new field that people expect to explode onto the scene in the next few years.

You don't hear a lot about it. It's not on the 5 o'clock news every night. It's not in most newspapers.

However there are companies doing work in nano-tech. In 2011 as I write this post, the nano-tech industry is in it's infancy so you will have to do your own research to find the companies that will someday become the Google of nano-tech.


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