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The One Minute Career Planning Process

By Michael T. Robinson


Congratulations. If you are reading this, you have probably been searching for your first career or for a new and better career.

Most people have never heard of the "Career Planning Process." They are unaware that there is a simple process that can help you decide what field to major in, or what career to pursue. Knowledge of the career planning process gives you a distinct competitive advantage over people who allow random chance to direct their careers.

The process works for students as well as experienced professionals looking to change careers. It even works for those looking for a post-retirement career.

The career planning process is a tool that you can use several times during your life. It is now becoming common for people to have four or five distinctly different careers during a lifetime. You might as well plan your career rather than just taking any job.

The six step career planning process looks like this:

1) Self Discovery (Identifying your Right Path)
Identifying and understanding your values, interests, skills, and your personal mission.

2) Career Research
Identifying and exploring your career options. Prioritizing your top three career choices.

3) Roadmapping
Laying a plan to move from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

4) Preparation
Acquiring the additional skills, knowledge and education needed for your new career.

5) Marketing Yourself
Promoting yourself to your target audience.

6)Managing Your Career
Ongoing management of your career, and planning for your next career.


Where to Begin ?

The Career Planning Process begins with Self Discovery. Our online Career Test will help you identify which types of careers are best for you. Purchase and take the Career Test now, and then come back here and move to step 2, researching the careers that interest you.