Secrets To Good Decision Making


Decision Making Secret #1

"True Intentions"

When making a tough decision, ask yourself what you would do if all parties involved knew your true intentions and your true desires.

Imagine you lived in a world where everyone could tell if you were speaking the truth, or lying, or hiding something. What actions would you take then?

Asking this question leads you to see what is truly in your heart.

That should help you make the right decision.

Decision Making Secret #2

"My Obituary"

Not to be too morbid, but this decision making technique really works.

If you are having trouble making a decision, or you have no idea about which direction to take, try this:

Ask yourself, what would I want to be remembered for, after I'm dead and long gone? What would I want my obituary to say?

In fact, write your own obituary right now, just to see what it is you are all about.

Decision Making Secret #3

"The 3rd Option"

I learned this technique from Dr. J. Mitch Perry, who coaches top executives around the world. Mitch is the guy the Chairman of the Board brings in when the CEO and the executive staff can't get along. When two top execs are not cooperating, they call on Mitch.

Here is Mitch's "Options" technique:

If you are struggling trying to decide between two choices, choice A and choice B, the problem may be that neither is RIGHT for you and what you need to do is discover your other options i.e. choice C, choice D etc.

What Mitch Perry taught was that most people stop looking for options and choices as soon as they are confronted with the two most obvious choices. Then they get stuck. The secret is to ask yourself, "What is my third option?"

To implement this into one's life Mitch suggested never making decision unless you have at least three options.

Try this technique, especially if you are stuck in a high anxiety decision.

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