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Example of the Hidden Interview Checklist


Interview Check List      
Position:  Office Manager      
Candidate Name:      
Intv Date:      
  Priority Capable Comments
Work Experience      
Has recent start-up experience A    
Has reported to CEO before A    
Has scheduled meetings via Outlook B    
Has done complex int'l travel arrangements A    
Has prepared slides for board of directors B    
Has worked in semiconductors B    
Has managed recruiters C    
HR Experience      
Has managed the annual review process A    
Has set up vacation tracking system A    
Has set up / managed company policy handbook A    
Has been in charge of employee files A    
Has shopped for and set up benefits B    
Knows where to get HR info and resources B    
Has experience working with corporate lawyers C    
Finance Experience      
Has done payroll A    
Personality / Behaviors / Abilities      
Has record of being on time to work A    
Has good judgment / decision making abilities A    
Has demonstrated ability to keep information confidential A    
Self Starting / Driven to Succeed A    
Is this person very articulate A    
Does this person convey complete & clear thoughts A    
Outgoing - not afraid to take on new projects A    
Can articulate personal goals A    
Doing Costco runs not a problem B    
Computer / IT Skills      
Adept at doing internet searches and research A    
Very good with Excel B    
MS Outlook email and meetings B    
Spoken English      
Written English      
Has major achievements to point to A    
Has great references A    
Facilities Management      
Handled lease and landlords B    
Managed project of finding and moving into new office B    


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