Finding Your Direction In Life Using Soul Searching


So many of our Career Coaching clients end up asking us "How can you find your direction in life?" that I thought I would put the instructions into a short "Do It Your Self" article.

The answer lies in "Soul Searching," and you DO NOT have to be religious to use it. In fact it has nothing to do with religion at all.

I learned of the basic Soul Searching technique from a book that I most strongly recommend. In fact, the book will do so much better job at leading you through this technique, that I don't think you can do it without the book. I will show you the basic method here, but the book walks you through the process and gets you motivated at the same time.

The good news is that:

1) You don't have to read the entire book. Just read a couple of chapters

2) The book is very inexpensive

3) The technique is dirt simple and idiot proof

4) The book is back in print again. For awhile you could only get used copies.


So what is this amazing book?

Title: Do It! Let's Get Off Our Buts

Author: Peter McWilliams


How Does Soul Searching Work? The Big Picture...

Here is the fast read version. More details later...


1) First you get some blank 3x5 cards and a Sharpie felt tip pen

2) You will be asked a number of questions that will really cause you to think

3) You write down very simple answers in big black letters that you can read from a distance

4) There is a special format for writing on the 3x5 cards

5) You lay out all the finished 3x5 cards on the kitchen table or the bed

6) You pick up and read each card just before going to sleep at night

7) It must be the very last thing you do before turning out the lights

8) You repeat this before going to bed as often as you can for as long as you need to


Then, one day, the vision,"your new direction," will pop into your head.

It's that simple.

It's happens differently for each person.

For some people it comes together when they are out walking or jogging.

For me the vision of a new direction popped into my head while I was laying in the back yard getting a sun tan on a Sunday afternoon. Ka Boom. It rocked my world.

I had just meditated. Meditation can really speed up the process. With meditation, you read the 3x5 cards just before meditating.

You still have to lay out and look at all the cards each night before going to sleep.

I still have my 3x5 cards, over 12 years later.

When I travel away from the office and I know I will have some time to think creatively about the future I will take the cards with me.

Those cards are a neat little life-line or connection to a single point in the past.

So, until I have time to finish this article you will have to get that book I mentioned.

It does a much better job than I could anyway.


Michael T. Robinson