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Our Values


Honesty & Integrity

We think of honesty and integrity first when we created our list of values. Why? Team work, high quality contributions to society, can not take place if coworkers, partners, leaders are not totally honest with themselves and all others they come in contact with. How can you possibly create great works if you or the people you work with are not honest and open.

Dishonesty and lack of integrity waste time and resources as well as hurt people diminishing their ability to add value.

Adding Value

We believe that each person must "add value" which means to make things better than they were before. An auto mechanic adds value by making your car run better, run more safely, burn less fuel, emit less pollutants. An artist adds value by creating works of art. A teacher adds value by helping students grow and learn new skills.

The antithesis of adding value is "Gatekeeping." Gatekeepers masquerade as if they were adding value but closer inspection reveals they are not actually creating anything new or leaving things better than before. Gatekeepers strive to control and regulate others and thus usually impede progress and growth. You can spot Gatekeepers by looking for the people who frequently tell you that you can not do something.

Gatekeepers need your help to break free of the trap they have created for themselves. It must be miserable to be a Gatekeeper.


Good leadership should be prized and rewarded. Good leaders will point the way and help you move in the right direction. Good leaders provide you with a vector which means they give you both direction and velocity.

People who masquerade as leaders will either have no direction or direction which over time does not achieve success. You can often spot poor leaders because they only tell you to move faster, stop what you are doing or slow down. It takes very little skill to tell people to speed things up or stop doing something. Poor leaders will frequently make excuses and place blame. It takes true ability, vision and intuition to actually point the way and to help people move forward. Choose your leaders carefully.

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