Career Interest Test for your Organization

(call 1-800-890-2591 or Email - if you have any questions)


Using our Career Interest Test in your organization is very simple:

  1. You sign up for a Test Administrator account (FREE)

  2. Your students / clients take the Career Interest Test by following a link you give them. (FREE)

  3. Your students / clients will not see their test results until you give them the Career Interest Report.

  4. You purchase blank Career Interest Reports, at a volume discounted price, using a credit card (or ask us for an invoice so you can pay by check)

  5. You run the report for your client / student. The report will be customized using their scores.

  6. You can email the report to them, or print it out. You can save it on your computer. We will also keep it on file for you for 5 years.

What Does It Cost?

The only cost is when you purchase Reports for your organization.

The actual Career Interest Test is free because unlike our individual customers on the internet, your students / clients will not get their results when they complete the test.

Instead they will be given instructions to contact your organization for the report.

You control the reports and thus you control your spending.

So you can have 1000 people take the test, but if you only run reports for 5 people, you only pay for those 5 reports.

For volume pricing, click here.

Can I Try it Before I Buy?

Yes of course.

First sign yourself up and then sign up your organization.

You can start taking tests then.

To run reports, email or call us and we will give you some free blank reports so you can try this in your organization.

Tell us a bit about your organization.

Please keep in mind we only offer the free reports to valid organizations such as schools, universities, HR departments, counseling practices and outplacement centers.


But is it Really Easy to Administer ?

This is our 2nd generation system and it was designed to be very simple, yet robust.

We learned by listening to what organizations and counselors wanted.

Once you sign up yourself and your organization you will see the user interface.

Once you use a few tests and run a few reports you will see just how simple it is.

If you like we will walk you through the system, over the phone. Just call us.