Simple Instructions

1) Create a Test Admin Account (it's free until you purchase reports)

1a) Click here to begin signing up

1b) You can have one Test Admin account per email address

2) Request free samples so you can practice with the system

2a) After creating a Test Admin account, email us for free samples

2b) We suggest that before you "Go Live" and offer tests / assessments to real customers, you try it first

2c) Pretend you are a student, client, employee and take a test and then run the report

3) Have students and clients take a test / assessment

3a) Now, sign in and go to the Test Admin area.

3b) You will notice a different set of menus on the left.

3c) To take a Career Interest Test (CiT), click the left menu choice for "View Link to Career Interest Test."

3d) To take the Personality Type Test, click on "View Link to Personality Test."

3e) You can give out these links to your clients, students, employees etc.

3f) You can post these links on your web site and in your newsletters 3g)

4) Run Career Reports for your Students and Clients

4a) Before you run reports, you have to purchase reports.

4b) You can buy Reports on line with a credit card, or to pay by check, or send us a Purchase Order..

4c) To purchase reports on line, with a volume discount, click on the "buy" links on the left menu.

4d) There is a link for "Career Interest Reports" and one for "Personality Career Reports."

4e) Once you have purchased blank reports, you can start to run reports.

4f) To run a report, click on "View/Run Interest Report" or "View/Run Personality Report"

4g) Any tests that have been taken will show up. Any reports that have been run will show up.

4h) Select the person / test you want to run a report for.

4i) You will have a chance to re-enter their name as it will appear on the report cover.

4j) For Personality Type Reports you will enter their 4 letter Type.

4k) Continue and the report will be created. You can download it, email it, print it.

4l) For Career Interest Reports you can run one report per test. A client may have taken more than one test.

4m) For Personality Reports, you can run more than one report per test. More on that later.