How to Run Your
Advanced Personality Type Career Report
(step by step instructions)

Before you run your report, please make sure:

1) You have already determined your 4 letter personality type by taking our free personality test.

2) You have already purchased at least one "Advanced Personality Type Career Report"


Your personality type will be one of the following 16 types:

To run your report:

  1. Sign in with your email address and password using the link found in the upper right hand corner of almost any page on the careerplanner web site.

  2. That takes you to the "Member's Menu."

  3. Click on the link in big letters that says "Download ALL Your Products."

  4. There will be a button or link for each item in your account and each item you have purchased.

  5. Press the button for the Advanced Personality Type Career Report.

  6. You can now change the name that appears in the report.

  7. You can also select the 4 letter Personality Type. It will show the Type we have on file for you.

  8. Be sure you select the correct 4 letter Type. Otherwise you will get the wrong report.

  9. Press the button to "Generate Report."

  10. The next screen gives you one last chance to make sure you have the correct type and name.

  11. Press the "Generate Report" button again. Wait 90 seconds. Be patient.

  12. You will now see your report which is in PDF format

  13. You can print this report, save it to your hard disk, etc.

That's it.