Stories From Satisfied Career Test Customers

(The names have been changed to protect the successful)

Dan in San Diego

John in San Diego was a 32 year old successful software engineer during the heyday.  Yet even with all of that excitement he was not happy with his job, his career and his life.

John took our Career Test one night and called us the next day.  He told us that our Career Test Report reminded him that when he was younger he enjoyed creating music, and in fact he had been in a band.  But with all the effort to complete his education, start his career, and raise a family, he had completely forgotten his love for music.

John called back a few months later to say that he had just released his first music CD.

He kept his day job because it was paying the bills, but he used his spare time at night and on weekends to write and play music.  Within a short time he produced a CD that was selling nicely.

This story shows how our Career Test Report can help you remember your dreams and the type of work you were once passionate about.

Shawna in Los Angeles

Shawna was working a clerical job in a police station when she called us.  She couldn't get personal emails at work, so would we please fax her Career Test Report to her office where she would be standing by the fax machine.

Within minutes after reading her Career Test Report, Shawna called us back.  We have never heard anyone so excited nor so relieved.  Apparently she had wanted to be police women all of her life, but for the obvious reasons, all of her family and friends discouraged her from taking on such a dangerous career.

Shawna had already applied to go to the academy and had been accepted earlier in the week.  Unfortunately her family was putting pressure on her to stay in the desk job. 

Shawna's Career Test Report had police and security written all over it.  That was all it took to convince Shawna she was making the right decision.  That day decided to attend the police academy.

This story points out how the people that care for us the most normally like us as we are and don't want to see us change.  Change means risk.  Change brings fear of the unknown.  Our Career Test Report can give you the confidence to make the tough career change.

Barbara in New York

Barbara, in her mid 50's, hated her job and she blamed it on her boss.  Barbara had been at the same place doing the same work for over ten years.  She was miserable and took it out on the boss everyday.

After taking our Career Test, Barbara called back and she was doing her best to hold back the tears. Apparently our Career Test Report told her she must avoid the exact type of work she had been doing for the last ten years.  Yes, she was good at it and the money was good as well, but she hated that type of work.

Barbara felt bad because she thought it was her boss who had been making her miserable.  Once she realized she was doing the wrong type of work she could see that her boss was not the cause.

This story shows how our Career Test Report can show you the type of work you should avoid, as well as the type of work you will love.

Amanda in Florida

Amanda was a High School freshman when her parents had her take our Career Test.

The family had been arguing over what career path and school Rachel should pursue.  The Mother had one idea, the Father another, and Amanda had no clue.

Early High School is the ideal time to pick ones career path, because it gives you the most time to plan and take the required courses. It's better to have a career plan than to have none, even if you change it.

Things got so bad that the family could not even talk about the subject without having an heated argument.

After taking our Career Test, the family now had an objective document that they could all read and discuss. 

It turns out that one of the careers the Father had been pushing was on the "avoid at all costs" list.   That caused the Father to think that he might be wrong after all. 

Amanda was able to pick two different careers, both of which required similar education.  This was excellent, because she could take the same classes for either career, right up until the last two years of college when she would need to decide on one career and specialize.

Ian from Ohio

Ian was a 9th grade High School student when his parents had him take our Career Test.  At that time Ian picked three careers paths: engineering, science, and medicine.  All three clearly required a college education so he headed down that path.  That was a no brainer.

In his Sophomore year in HIgh School, Ian had an opportunity to spend a few days volunteering in a hospital.  After the third day he eliminated the medical career option.

HIs Father arranged for Ian to spend a few days hanging around an office full of engineers.  That was fun.

In his Senior year of HIgh School, Ian was trying to decide between the engineering and science careers.  He was applying to college and he did not want to waste time with an "un-declared major."

After doing some research, he found that the engineering career was still in great demand, and the forecasts showed a very strong demand for years to come.  The science career did not look so promising.

The engineering field was in such great demand that the US had to grant visa's to thousands of technical grads from other countries.

Ian did some salary research on the internet and saw that starting salaries for the engineering field was much higher than the science field.  The decision was final, for now.  Ian would head down the path of Software Engineer.

Ian graduated college in four years and had three job offers from Silicon Valley high tech companies.

Ralph the Electrician from Georgia

Ralph took our Career Test shortly after graduating from High School.  He never had much career direction and going to college was not something his family did.

Ralph's Career Test Report showed that he had a strong interest in working with his hands and  working outdoors.  It also showed an ability to learn technical subjects.

The report listed a number of vocations that would match Ian's interests.  He had always thought about being an Electrician, and when the Career Test Report showed a strong match to that field it gave him the added bit of confidence to move in that direction.