List of Career & Work Values


This Tool Will Help You Understand What IS Important To You


What's So Important About Values

Your "values" are the things that are the most important to you.

When planning or searching for a new career or job, it's critical to make sure your most important values match that of the job. Otherwise, it's nearly impossible to enjoy that job.

Job satisfaction is highly influenced by your values and your interests.

What? You Don't Know What Your Values Are...

Values are mostly unconscious until you spend a few minutes to think about them.

Basically, we don't normally think about our values, so they stay hidden and they operate in the background.

All you have to do is look at a "List of Values" and pick the ones that fit.

Here's an Examlpe of How Values Work?

Let's say you go through the list of values and you discover that "Being around very smart people" is really important to you.

Or maybe "Being around people who are fun, warm and caring" is more like you.

Those are two totally opposite values, and you usually won't be able to satisfy both in the same job. So you really want to know which values are most important to you.

What About Values Such As Love, Security, and Good Health...

These are values which most people share. It's part of being human.

The list below focuses on values that make us different rather than the values that most of us have in common.

Values and Your 4 Letter Personality Type

Psychologists have been studying Personality Type since the 1920's.

They have identified the values that are most often found for each of the 16 Types.


How Do I Use This List of Values?

The list is sorted alphabetically.

  1. Go through the list quickly and cir....
  2. To see which values match your Personality Type ....