Newsletter - December 2010
( Issue 4, 2010 )

Here is our latest newsletter for your holiday reading pleasure...

In this issue we cover:

1) So Where Have We Been All Year?

2) How To Write The Perfect Resume - A New Downloadable eBook

3) Executive Coaching - A New Service From

4) Winners From Our Career Test Contest

So Where Have We Been All Year?

You may have noticed that we haven't sent out a newsletter since last May.

What happened to us, you ask?

Well, one reason is that when we don't have anything important or interesting to say, we just keep quiet. Why should we clutter up your email and waste your time?

Secondly, we've been very busy working on new products and services that our readers can use to build better careers, find better jobs, and in general be more successful and fulfilled in their careers. Hey, that sounds a lot like our mission in life.

So lets talk about two new things that you can use to boost your career.

1) How To Write The Perfect Resume - a new eBook from

During the summer we released a new, instantly downloadable, eBook entitled:

How To Write The Perfect Resume
A Resume Writing Guide, Complete With Resume Templates

We wrote this guide because something like 95% + of the resumes out there contain the same fatal mistakes.

It's as if a long time ago, someone created a really bad resume template and everyone's been using it ever since.

The good news is that by changing a few simple things, you can turn your resume into the one that gets noticed by the hiring manager. No kidding. It's really not all that hard to do.

We wrote this Resume eBook after reading and analyzing thousands of resumes (over a 25 year period) and after taking resume writing classes from pros.

What the resume writing pros told us confirmed what we had suspected all along. Most resumes make the same mistakes, and the people who write them are totally oblivious to these mistakes. The result is that one's resume usually does not get the attention of the hiring manager, and ends up in the recycle bin.

The eBook, which you can download in PDF format, takes about 30 minutes to read.

After that, you will be well prepared to write the best resume of your life. One that will help you get into a better job or a better company.

The book is very easy to read and understand:

  • We explain what goes into each section of the resume, step by step
  • We tell you exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in each section
  • We tell you what the hiring manager is thinking when he/she reads your resume
  • We tell you what not to say
  • We tell you how to handle age and employment gaps
  • We tell you how to best feature your accomplishments
  • Finally we tell you what to do with your resume once it's ready

The resume template is in Microsoft Word, so you probably already know how to use edit it.

The template comes already filled in, but with data for a fictitious person. All you have to do is type your information over the existing information. This makes writing your resume really easy. I'm surprised someone has not thought of this before.

How To Write the Perfect Resume
Complete With Easy To Use Resume Templates
  Resume Templates and How To Write The Perfect Resume - eBook Cover Photo

Just $18.00

Click here to see more about this quick, low cost way to get the perfect resume


Want Some Expert Help Writing Your Resume

Maybe English is not your first language. Maybe your spelling is not so good. Maybe you're not good at describing your accomplishments.

Whatever the reason, if you don't want to write your own resume, we have lined up two excellent and affordable professional resume writers.

These folks write resumes every day. That's what they do. When you do something every day you can become very good at it. They've been trained and certified. Check them out.

2) Executive Coaching Service

As you know, we've been offering Career Counseling services via the phone or Skype, for several years now, but those sessions are designed for people who are looking for new or improved career direction.

We've never been able to offer a service for those people who already have a great job, but who want insights and guidance on how to move up to the next level.

That's what our new Executive Coaching service is all about.

Executive Coaching is normally something that large companies offer to their high potential employees to help get them ready to take on more responsibility.

Usually, only a select few people in each company get this special attention.

But we decided to make Executive Coaching more accessible and more affordable.

Providing the Executive Coaching for is Mike Shur who I've been working with for several years now.

Mike is one of those rare people who, when you sit down to talk with him, seems to be able to tune right into what's on your mind and what you need to focus on to achieve the next big step in your career.

Every time I finish a conversation with Mike I find I have more clarity and a much stronger sense of purpose and a better direction. Plus, sessions with Mike are highly energizing, motivating, and insightful.

You can read more about Mike Shur, Executive Coach, on our web site. Of course, if what you want is just traditional career coaching, Mike Shur can help you with that as well.

November Contest Winners

Every month we give away two Career Interest Tests (CiT). There is still time to sign up to win this month. The odds are very good. Typically only a few hundred people sign up each month.

The two winners for November have been notified by a separate email.

Their initials are: PJ and YM

To see if you've won, just sign back in to That takes you to the member's menu. Click the link for contest winners. If you've won, the Career Interest Test will be sitting there ready for you to take.

For those who want to sign up for this month's contest, there is still time. Just go to this page and find the sign up link.

That's about all for this month's newsletter.

As always if you have any questions, comments or ideas please feel free to send me an email at

To your success,

Michael T. Robinson
Chief Career Coach Inc