Deciding on a New Career
(Issue 2012-1 January 2012)

One of the best tools for selecting a new career and the education you need for it
is The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment which you can purchase here at

"The Strong" is perhaps the most well respected and well researched tool for helping people find the right career.

This assessment will determine what your strongest areas of interests are, and then match that to careers, types of work, and even the educational path for each career.

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After taking The Strong you will receive your report, and a short phone consultation if you want.

  • Your report will provide specific job titles and show you how well each job matches your interests.
  • If you need ideas for a new career, your report will show you the careers that are potentially the best fit and which you are most likely to become passionate about.
  • If you are stuck trying to decide between two different careers, The Strong will show you which is a better fit and which you might find the most satisfying.
  • Your report will also give you insights and understanding into the types of tasks, types of work, and activities you will probably enjoy.
  • If you are not motivated or excited about your current career direction, The Strong can show you why, and then suggest a better career path for you.
  • Basically, The Strong will give you clarity about your career direction so that you don't waste time in the wrong job, or studying for the wrong college degree.

The reports are in full color, easy to read PDF format, so you can download them to your computer and print them out.

There are four different report options and one includes the Myers-Briggs® so you can also see the careers that match your Personality Type.

You can't buy these assessments just anywhere. We have to be trained and certified to offer them to you.

Please click here to see sample reports or to purchase The Strong.

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Michael T. Robinson
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