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(Issue 2012-2 February 2012)

Would you like to have a resume that will help you get a better job?

Well, that's why we created "How To Write the Perfect Resume" a downloadable resume writing guide that comes complete with easy to use resume templates.

We found that almost 98% of the resumes people send out, are so bad that they get ignored or deleted. No kidding. Only about 1 to 2% of the resumes out there are any good.

We noticed that most resumes make the same fundamental mistakes, over and over, year after year.

It's as if someone came up with a lousy resume template and people have been using it ever since.

There's a good chance your resume makes these same mistakes.

It doesn't have to be that way.

There are a few "key" changes you can make so that your resume will stand out from the rest and finally get noticed.

Our resume writing guide shows you what these key items are and how to use them.

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Step by Step - We'll tell you what you need to know

Our resume writing guide takes you step by step through each section of the resume and tells you what to put where and more importantly why.

We let you look into the heads of the hiring managers so you'll know what they are thinking and what they are looking for.

But you ask, how do we know? Who made us the resume experts?

What makes us experts in resumes? Well, we were the hiring managers.

We've seen thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of people around the world. So we know what a good resume looks like.

Plus, in our career counseling business, we get to put a face to each resume. I can tell you for a fact that most people are more valuable and more talented than what their resumes say.

In short, most resumes just don't do a good job of telling a person's story, and most resumes leave out some very critical, key information.

But I don't have time to read a book, I just want a resume?

Because you're very busy and writing resumes is not your idea of fun, we've made "How To Write The Perfect Resume" quick and easy to use. All you need is 30 minutes.

It has big print, double spaced lines and no long paragraphs. And thanks to our editors, it's also a bit entertaining.

Just ask yourself if your career is worth 30 minutes of your time? I think it is.

But is the template easy to use?

The downloadable Perfect Resume Template is very easy to use. I guarantee it.

The template is actually a real resume, in Microsoft Word format, which works on both PCs and Macs.

There is no software to learn. Just open up the template and type your information over the information that's already there. It's that simple.

If you've ever tried to use resume writing software, you'll appreciate just how smart this is.

How do I get it?

Click here to purchase "How To Write The Perfect Resume" from for just $18.

Or, for a short time only we are offering the Kindle version for $9.95. Click here to buy it from Amazon for just $9.95.

We are offering the Kindle version at a big promotional discount just to generate some traffic over on Amazon so they will notice us. So take advantage of this offer right now. You won't regret it.


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To your success,

Michael T. Robinson
Chief Career Coach Inc

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