How To Help Students Discover Their
Best Career Choices Newsletter
(Issue 2012-5 August 2012)

We've all been hearing that too many students are graduating in fields where there are not enough jobs.

We all know that too many students drop out, give up, or change majors when things get tough.

It doesn't have to be that way and we want to do something about it.


At we think that a little bit of career planning in grades 8 -12 can help students discover their best career choices. A career plan will:

  • Give them a future to look forward to
  • Help them pick a career that they can enjoy and be successful in
  • Help them pick their college major or vocation in a career where there will be jobs
  • Help them stay on track when they get discouraged
  • Help them get a job when they do graduate

Because of all these benefits we want to reach teachers and help them provide the Career Planning Self Discovery Process to their students.

So if you know of any teachers, could you forward this email to them?


We Want To Offer Teachers The Two Things They Need To Help Students Discover Their Best Career Choices:

  1. Low Cost Online Career Testing that teachers can afford
  2. Personal help and guidance (from us) to become comfortable facilitating the career planning process in your classroom

So please get this newsletter into the hands of any teachers you know, so that eventually, we will have fewer students picking the wrong careers.

By the way, if you don't think it will work, just read the true story below.


My True Story about Career Testing in the 8th Grade

When I was in 8th grade (13 years old), in Ohio, our English teacher gave the entire class a career test. In fact our online Career Interest Test is modeled on that test.

After taking the test (about 15 minutes), we were instructed to pick 3 careers from the list the test provided, research them, and then give an oral presentation to the class.

Finally, we had to write a paper on what we learned about our top 3 career choices.

We also had to read a biography of someone in that career, but that may have been for extra credit.

The whole process was spread over a few weeks during September and October which is the perfect time to plan one's career.

The career test gave me my Holland Code which describes the types of work that matched my interests. My Holland Code then led to a list of matching careers which I narrowed down to my top 3.

The career test suggested I become:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Nuclear Physicist
  • Psychologist (I'm not 100% sure I remember this one correctly)

So I was going for the Nuclear Physicist career and I even had a full Physics scholarship lined up. But by then, the future of nuclear was becoming unclear and the Electrical Engineering field was booming. So I became an Electrical Engineer, which led to becoming a Product Engineer at Motorola, later a Vice President of Marketing and Research and Development, and finally a CEO of a high tech start up company.

I credit that career test and the English teacher who gave it to me, with putting me on the right career path. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The most amazing thing I see looking back is that my English teacher did not have to know much about career coaching. He just had to facilitate the process.

The Career Planning Self Discovery Process can be thought of as just another subject you teach.


How We'll Help You Deliver Career Planning To Your Students

First, we are going to make it very affordable, so that as a teacher you could probably afford to pay for this out of your own pocket like you do for so many of your other supplies.

We understand schools have no budget for helping students figure out what they can do for a living once they get their education. Kind of odd isn't that. It's backwards. You should first figure out what you want to become and then figure out what education you need for that. OK, enough of my ranting and raving.

For any teachers who act on this offer by October 31, 2012 we will give you a special price of 30 students for $98. That's just $3.25 per student.

Our regular price for the Career Interest Test is $32.00 each, and individuals take it all day long. But I want to make this available to as many teachers as I can.

If this classroom price sounds crazy, jump below to where I tell you why I am doing this. Basically it's that time in my life time where I want to give back and to help a whole lot more people than I have been able to reach up until now.

We will also honor the same price when you come back again with next year's class.

If money is tight, and when isn't it, just ask your students to try to bring in $3.25 each. That's the price of a StarBucks' Grande Mocha which will only make you feel good for a few minutes. But how long will a great career make you feel good?

We've never offered prices this low in America. The only time I've offered such low prices is for schools in India and the Philippines.


We'll Also Help You Get Up and Running...

We've been offering Career Testing on the internet for 15 years. One thing we have learned is that many people are just not comfortable doing things on the computer. But if you can surf the web, I can show you how to do online career testing in a classroom.

I will personally help you (over the phone, Skype or email) get set up and running, before you facilitate your first Career Planning Self Discover Session.

You can even practice giving the assessment to one or two people before you do the entire class.

Then, if you get stuck, I'll be there to talk you through it.


The Lesson Plan

To help you visualize how you would facilitate a Self Discovery Career Planning Process in your classroom we have prepared a sample Career Planning Self Discovery Process - Lesson Plan.


How To Get Started

Below are the steps to get set up for offering Career Testing and for facilitating the Career Planning Self Discovery Process in your classroom.

You can contact me any time via email.

To talk via Skype, send me an email and I will send you my Skype ID.

To talk via phone, call me between 10 AM and 7 PM (California Time) on 800-890-2591 or email me to set up a time to talk. If I don't answer I am probably on the phone with my career counseling clients.

Here are the 5 steps to get set up:

1) Sign up for a Test Administrator account

2) Request 2 free samples so you can practice giving the test

3) Give the test to 2 people, read their reports for practice and to understand the material

4) Place an online order using credit card or PayPal

5) Follow the Follow the Career Planning Self Discovery Process - Lesson Plan.

Remember, this special price is to make the Career Interest Test affordable to teachers and the education community. Corporations and other organizations are not eligible for this price.

Teachers will need either an ".edu" email address or an email containing the school's name.

Individuals can still purchase the Career Interest Test for $32.00. Or use this Back to School discount code "BTS2012" for a 15% discount. Good through Sept 15, 2012.


So I hope if you are a teacher you will contact me and if you aren't a teacher I hope you can pass along this opportunity to make a difference in students lives, and our economy.

To your success,

Michael T. Robinson
Chief Career Coach Inc

Why Are We Doing This?

At we want to help make a difference in this world. We would like to have an impact on improving these issues which are really hurting our country and people across the entire planet:

  1. The rising number of college grads that can't get jobs because they picked the wrong college degree
  2. The increasing drop out rate in high school
  3. The number of students who change majors costing their parents a lot of money
  4. How some idiots are telling students that an education is no longer important. Hello, does everybody think they will become a rock star or the next Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook?