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Good Job Hunting

Chris Quay
23 March 2005
The Courier-Journal Louisville, KY METRO
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Lame excuses for not finding a better job ......Here are some websites that can help in a job search: Careers - Job search by company name, job title or location, post résumés for free, locate upcoming career fairs and search by specific job categories. (Careerbuilder is a consortium of Gannett and other media companies.) - This free service helps you with career choices, changes and searches. - Job searches get broken down into searchable categories. Plus, there are links to other helpful sites, including, which allows you to find out what motivates you and what interests you have that could lead to job prospects. - This little Yahoo vehicle also lets you search for jobs and post a résumé. - We like the easy-to-remember websites. With a name like this, what do you think they're doing, selling summer sausage gift baskets? - Résumé help and interview tips are located here, as well as a number of companies to search through for potential jobs. - Search job categories from accounting to sports and recreation. You can also get your name out there with a networking feature that could provide some sound career advice. Post your résumé here, too. - For you big hitters who swim in the dough, this site will let you search for jobs offering no less than $100K. - This site offers access to " millions" of jobs in every industry, every profession, everywhere. All right, come on guys, a " million" jobs?

Aptitude Tests - This site lets you take the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) test to find out what you're designed to do. - You'll have to drop a little coin to take the career test here, but it could unearth long-forgotten skills and talents that could lead to a potential job. If you don't have the dough, hit up your parents.

Résumé Help

Résumé - Look at examples of résumés, including cover letters, formats and online résumés. Plus, for a fee, you can tap into résumé-writing services.