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Executive Coaching & Career Counseling





Sorry, due to our work load we are temporarily unable to provide career counseling and career coaching.


Package 1: 1 Hour Career Counseling + 2 Assessments   (Pkg-20001)

This is the complete Career Counseling Package which includes all of our top services:

1) Career Interest Test (CiT)and Report
2) Personality Type Test and Advanced Personality Type Career Report
3) One Hour Phone Career Coaching Session, including Resume Critque
4) Two 15 minute follow up sessions
5) 10 Vital Strategies to Maximize Your Career Success



Personality Type Coaching Session   (PT-CR5)

It is important to make sure you know your correct Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

Many people find they have some confusion over their type.

This Coaching Session is designed to make sure you know your correct personality type.

Of the four letters in your type, you are probably confident in 2 or 3 of them, but perhaps you are not so sure about one of them.

We can help. We are trained and certified to provide Myers-Briggs coaching.



Package 2: Student Career Counseling Package   (Pkg-20002)




Package 3: Career Change, Career Transition Counseling Package   (Pkg-20003)




Career Coaching Add On With Strong Interest Inventory   (CPP-1025)




Package 4: Priority Career Counseling Package   (Pkg-20004)