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Special Deals & Combo Packages

  Package 2: Student Career Counseling Package    (Pkg-20002) Only $395.00  



  Package 3: Career Change, Career Transition Counseling Package    (Pkg-20003) Only $395.00  



  Package 4: Priority Career Counseling Package    (Pkg-20004) Only $800.00  



  Package 1: 1 Hour Career Counseling + 2 Assessments    (Pkg-20001) Only $195.00  
This is the complete Career Counseling Package which includes all of our top services:

1) Career Interest Test (CiT)and Report
2) Personality Type Test and Advanced Personality Type Career Report
3) One Hour Phone Career Coaching Session, including Resume Critque
4) Two 15 minute follow up sessions
5) 10 Vital Strategies to Maximize Your Career Success