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Career Tests

Career Tests are used to help you find your personal Career Direction. They will all give you a deeper understanding of why certain careers will be a good fit for you.

We offer different types of Career Tests:

1) The Career Interest Test (CiT®) is our most popular product and we have been offering it since 1998.. It will show you type of work and careers you could become passionate about. It's based upon your interests. We use this Career Test in all of our "over the phone" career counseling sessions because you can't have a successful career unless you are doing work that interests you and that you can become passionate about.

2) The Advanced Personality Type Career Report will show you careers that match your Personality Type. Personality Type reveals both your values, and how your brain is wired, which is to say, how you prefer to do your work and how you prefer to interact with the world. We use this tool in all of our career counseling sessions.

3) The Strong® and Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) are based on interests and Personality Type respectively. They are slightly more expensive than our in-house versions (described above) because you have to be fully certified (we are) and licensed (we are) to provide these tools.

Which should you use? The Career Interest Test and the Advanced Personality Type Career Report will give you everything you need to know to begin to find the best possible careers where you can be both satisfied and successful. If you want personalized help, we recommend our Career Counseling Packages which include these tests plus 1 on 1 private counseling sessions over the phone or Skype.


Career Interest Test with Instant Report Processing   (CT-1001)
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Advanced Personality Type Career Report - Single Version   (PT-CR4)
Only $35.00  

Career Interest Test Gift Certificate   (CT-1004)
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Premium Career Interest Test with Instant Report Processing   (CT-1005)
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