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Career Tests

These assessments will help you discover what careers and what types of work you might be interested in and passionate about. Being passionate about the work you do is critical for both success and job satisfaction.


Personality Type Tests and Reports

There are 16 distinct Personality Types (Psychological Types). Type is one of the most powerful tools for discovering one's career choices, improving your relationships, getting along better with others, leading and persuading people more effectively.



The Knowdell™ Motivated Skills Card Sort will help you identify which skills to put on your resume and which skills you should avoid. It will show you your Transferable / Motivated Skills, Burn Out Skills and Developmental Skills. Takes only 10 - 15 minutes.



The Knowdell™ Career Values Card Sort will help you identify what your personal values are, and which are the most important to you and your career. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


Career Counseling and Executive Coaching

We offer both Career Counseling and Executive Coaching over the phone or via Skype for international clients.




Assessments and Tools for Your Clients, School, Company, Organization

Organizations and Career Counselors around the world use our assessments and tools because of their easy to use, lower cost, and clients love the results.

You can administer our assessments and tools remotely.


Resume Guides, Templates, Resume Writers

Having the best resume possible is more critical than ever before. Use our downloadable eBook with templates to do it yourself, or hire one of our preferred resume writers.

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