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Our No Rip Off - Good Karma Refund Policy


Here is our new refund policy (as of July 6, 2016):

If you can honestly say that after buying any of our products (except Career Counseling, MBTI, and the Strong), that CareerPlanner did not help you, we will refund ALL of Your Money. That's 100%. No questions asked.

It's that simple.

All we ask is that you request the refund within 21 days of your purchase.

Why a 21 day limit?

If our products and services don't help you, you should know within a matter of minutes. It's that simple.

Why no refunds on the MBTI, the Strong and Career Counseling Sessions?

For these products and services, we spend our time which we can never get back once it is spent. Time is one of our most valuable assets. So no refund on the time we spend. Sorry.

Why a Money Back Guarantee?

Since you probably don't buy Career Planning products and services often enough to know what you are buying, we try to take the risk out of it for you.



Michael T Robinson