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Career Related Videos

5 Steps to the Perfect Career - A Career Planning Guide for Students

Career Testing in your School or Organization

Career Test: How To Find The Perfect Career


Affiliate Program - Earn Extra Cash

Our affiliate program will allow you to earn up ~$10 to $32 when you send us someone who then buys our products.

All you need is a web site, news letter, blog or facebook page.

Job Search

Allows you to search through and apply for over 2,000,000 job listings.  Free.

Career Test

Describes the career test that we offer here at, and how it can help you put your career on track.  Also very useful for students trying to decide on a college major.


Career Test for Groups, Classrooms, or Your Clients

Our Career Test is available in volume for teachers, guidance counselors, career coaches, HR departments etc.


Job Search / Career Search Tool

This is the place to start if you want to find a better job or build a better career.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test (MBTI)

We are one of the few web sites to offer the authentic, fully licensed Myers-Briggs personality assessment test, otherwise knows as the MBTI.

Personality Type Descriptions

The best way to make sure you have the correct 4 letter personality type for yourself, is to read descriptions of each of the 16 types until you find the one that fits you the best. To help you do that we offer 3 different styles of personality type descriptions, all written by well known psychologists and researchers.

Job Descriptions

Over 12,000 job descriptions and job titles.  You can type in your two or three letter RIASEC career code to see which job titles match your personal career type.


Premium Job Descriptions

A short but growing list of our most complete and most insightful job descriptions.

Job Outlook

Shows you what the future looks like for each job type.  Also provides details job descriptions, salary ranges, work environment etc.

Career Articles

Several career articles, mostly written by us, describing everything from top jobs for the future to what to do the minute you are laid off.

Career Counseling

Describes what career counseling can do for you.

Quote of the Day

Provides a life and career inspiration quote of the day.


Instructions for Running Your "Advanced Personality Type Career Report"

This step by step guide shows you how to run one of our "Advanced Personality Type Career Reports."

Excerpts from our eBook on Perfect Resume and Resume Templates

Can a Great Resume Make Your Phone Ring?

How To Use Our Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume

Who Knows Best When It Comes to Resumes?

What's the Hiring Manager Thinking?

How to Write for the Hiring Manager

What's the Best Format For Your Resume?

The Hybrid Resume Format

The Parts of the Hybrid Resume Format

The Contact Section of Your Resume

The Job Title Section of Your Resume

The Objective Section of Your Resume

Is Your Resume Focused Enough?

The Silver Bullet Section of Your Resume

4 Steps for Remembering Your Accomplishments for Your Resume



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