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Extraverted Sensing (Se) Explained

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Extraverted Sensing (Se) is one of your 8 cognitive functions. How you experience it and how useful it is for you depends on how well it is developed and that depends on mostly your age and what your 4 letter personality type is.

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People whose dominant function is Extraverted Sensing usually experience the world as:

You prefer to live in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or day dreaming about the future. "Be Here Now" comes naturally to you. You are almost always tuned into the present moment, and you wonder why other people seem so spaced out.

Keep in mind that you are used to this and you probably take it for granted. You probably think everyone sees the world they way you do. But they don't. Only people whose dominant or auxiliary function is Se will see the world as you do.

You experience what your 5 senses tell you directly, accurately, and in real time. You notice sounds, sights and smells before other people do.

You probably move gracefully and with ease. You might even have quick reflexes.

Driving or piloting vehicles probably comes naturally to you. When you drive a car you probably notice all the details of driving. The bumps in the road, the sound of the engine, and odd sounds coming from the car.

When you drive you really tune into it. You wonder why some drivers seem to be day dreaming while driving, it seems their minds are somewhere else. You are not like that.

You most likely have a better sense of direction than most people you know. It's like you have a GPS in your head.

You might also be physically adept in some way. Good at dancing, martial arts or physical sports.

You probably have a tremendous amount of physical energy. People may have even commented on how much energy you have.

You might even feel jittery and jumpy if you have to sit still for too long - like at a desk or on an airplane. You probably like to be on the go all day, but the minute the physical activity slows down you get bored and fall asleep. You are definately the type of person who goes, goes, goes, and then shuts down fast.

You like to be engaged with the physical world around you.

People with Se as their dominant cognitive function know what is going on around them at all times. They can sense any change in physical movement in the room.

Imagine a police detective or a soldier having to enter a dark room where there might be enemies or armed criminals. You've seen this on TV. They have to be totally focused on moving safely through the room. They are listening for the slightest sounds. They are looking for the slightest signs of movement. That is extraverted sensing at it's best.

If Se is your dominant function, please realize that not everyone is going to be like you. In fact there are certain personality types that are just going to make you crazy. But that's another subject.

A good example of people who have extraverted sensing as either their dominant or auxiliary function would be martial arts experts like Bruce Lee and actor Tom Cruise.

To be so good at martial arts like Bruce Lee, you must be totally focused in the present. Your reflexes must be lightning quick. And you need to know what is going on around you, in the room, at all times. If you are in a fight with another martial artist, and you take a second to day dream, or to think about the past, or the future, you are going to get hurt.

For Tom Cruise it's driving those high speed motorcycles. He does it in his spare time and he even does his own stunts.

Personality Types where Se is dominant are: ESFP and ESTP.

Personality Types where Se is auxiliary are: ISFP and ISTP.

  • Angelina Jolie (ESTP) Actress
  • Madonna (ESTP) Singer, Entertainer
  • Taylor Swift (ESTP) Singer-songwriter
  • Bill Clinton (ESFP) U.S. President (D)
  • Hugh Hefner (ESFP) Founder of Playboy Magazine
  • Lady Gaga (ESFP) Singer-songwriter



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