Career Test Review


This brief article will quickly compare the most popular internet based career tests, also known as Career Assessment Tests, or Career Interest Tests.

The purpose of a "Career Test " is to show you which types of jobs would be a good fit. Done well a career test can point you towards your ideal career. Done poorly, a career test may misdirect you or give you erroneous information.

A Good Career Test Will ...

  • Take less than 20 - 30 minutes to complete
  • Will be accurate and the results will resonate with you
  • Will provide a list of specific job titles
  • Will have an easy to understand test report

Avoid Career Tests That...

  • Avoid personality tests when trying to discover your ideal career. Your ideal career is one where you can be passionate about the work, and that has little to do with your personality and everything to do with your interests.
  • Avoid career tests that force you to choose between two or more activities. "Forced Choice" career tests will invariably give you questions where neither choice is attractive to you. Forcing you to answer such questions will result in a skewing of the data in your test report.
  • Avoid career tests that force you to answer every single question because there will be questions you either do not understand, or you don't have a clue how to answer. Forcing you to answer every question will create inaccuracies.
  • Avoid aptitude tests until after you have narrowed your career choices down to 3 to 5 careers. Aptitude tests attempt to tell you what abilities you have and how well you can perform certain tasks.


Comparison of Career Assessment Tests

Below you will find a comparison table showing the most popular online career assessment tests with links to each web site.

note, these prices are not up to date

Number of Questions
Approximate Cost


Interest Based not Personality Based
Personality Based      
Avoids forced choices
Allows you to skip questions
Easy to understand personalized test report
Shows you how to analyze careers
Report includes list of specific careers
Describes careers to avoid


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Career test video
Career Test Video

Myers-Briggs Personality Test
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