Resumé (CV) Writing

By Michael T. Robinson 


There are 2 Ways to get the Best Resumé - CV for Yourself


1) Use Our Resumé Writing Guide (eBook)

Our "How to Write the Perfect Resumé, complete with Resumé Templates" is an instantly downloadable eBook that I wrote to help people get jobs.

It will show you precisely what the Hiring Manager wants to see. That's because I was the hiring manager. After hiring hundreds of people around the world, for my own organizations, I discovered a pattern of mistakes that most people were making in their resumes and CV's.

This easy to read eBook (might take you one hour to read) will show you exactly what information to put in your resume, where to put it, and most importantly why.

The resume template, is not some complicated piece of software. It's an actual resume in Microsoft Word ".doc" file. All you have to do is type your information over the information that's already there. How simple is that?

We take care of all the formatting, fonts etc. It does not get any easier.


2) Use a Professional Resume Writer

There are times when you will want to use a Professional Resume / CV Writer.

We have identified a couple of highly recommended resume writers who graduated from the Resume Writing Academy. We got their names from the instructors at the academy. We asked for the best. We interviewed them and checked out their work.

They are independent professionals and do not work for CareerPlanner.

Resume writer's fees typically start at $400. For executive resumes such as a CEO the fee might be $2,000 or more. But the average is $400 as of 2011.

Why so much? They will spend a lot of time on your resume. They will interview you and peer inside your head so that they can tell your story. They will tell your story better than you ever can. They will help you identify the accomplishments that you need to put in your resume to convince the hiring manager that you could do the job and that you are worth the time and effort to call for an interview.

So assume you will pay $400 for a great resume and a cover letter. If $400 is too much, then take the do-it yourself approach and use our eBook.