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Gratitude - How to Instantly Boost Your Energy and Feel Better About Yourself

Founder and Chief Career Coach

The other night I was watching the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, when he brought on a guest who was just overflowing with positive, clean energy.

When Jimmy asked him how he always seemed to be positive and full of energy, the guest said a lot of people ask him that. The answer was simple, "GRATITUDE."

The guest explained that when you are feeling low, and that nothing is going your way, or you feel like you can't do anything right, or the world is against you, he said just notice how the energy is being sucked out of you.

Then he said, just be grateful for something, anything, no matter how small.

Then, immediately, you will feel the energy pouring back into you. Then you will start to notice other things you can be grateful for, and your energy level will multiply and pretty soon you will be positive again.

So I tried it. I had been feeling pretty low. I had just received a bunch of bad news. Well, actually it had been piling up for awhile. Plus I was coming down with some sort of cold.

After a few minutes of feeling gratitude, I was back to my normal self. The people around me could sense it the minute they saw me.

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