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FAQs for Using Our
Assessments in your Organization


What is the "Org Number" used for?

Each organization that has signed up to use's testing services has a unique Organization Number, which we call the "Org Number."

Everything related to your organization is linked to your "Org Number."

For example, when your client or student clicks on the link to take one of our Career Tests, the Org Number lets us know that the test taker is related to your organization, thus giving you access to their test scores and results.

Prior to Sept. 2009 we used a system with an Org ID and a Testing Code. That proved too complicated so we simplified it.

If a test taker clicks on a link without the Org Number, and then takes the test. You won't be able to view their test results and run a report for them. If this happens, contact us. We will locate their test results and insert the Org Number manually.

Every Test Admin that you add to your group will be linked to the Org Number.


What is a "Test Admin" or a "Test Administrator? "

Basically a "Test Admin" is anyone who has been added as a "Test Admin" or a "Super Test Admin" to your organization.

In our system, your Org Number has been inserted into their account.

Test Admins have access to all of your Test Takers test results, reports etc.

In most organizations the Test Admins are teachers, career counselors etc.

All Test Admins have access to and are allowed to use and consume Reports that have been purchased by the Organizartion.

It's important that the people you add as Test Admins are:

1) Trusted because they can use up reports you have paid for

2) Trusted because they will see test results and test reports of your Test Takers


What is a "Super Test Admin" and what is "Level of Authority"?

Our system assigns one of two levels of access to each person in your Group / Organization.

The "Super Test Admin " level has the power to add and delete other Test Admins from your Group.

The "Test Admin" level cannot add or delete people.

By default the first person who signs up their Organization here will be set as a "Super Test Admin" level person. That way they can add other people.

Both Super Test Admin level and Test Admin level users can run reports and access the test results associated with your organization.

Each organization should limit the number of people given "Super Test Admin" authority because they could delete a lot of your oganization's data. However, no one in your organization can delete a Test Taker's test results and test reports.

We suggest each organization have only one or two Super Test Admins.

How do we get the group volume discount?

Volume discount are built in to the price when you by a: 3 Pak, 5Pak, 10Pak, 30 Pak, 100 Pak etc.

We do have special pricing for countries where the cost of living is much lower than the United States. Email us for a quote.

How do we purchase Tests or Reports?

Purchasing is easy.

You can purchase with a credit card or a purchase order.


Why don't my PDF's don't always open?

There is sometimes a conflict between the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is used to read PDF's and various web browsers. Click here to see the simple fix.


How soon do I have to use up all my assessments?

Our policy since 1997 has been that your unused assessments will be good forever.

You can come back five to ten years from now and your unused assessments will still be here ready for you to use.