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The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort®
(Physical Version)

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"Physical Version"


The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort, invented by Dick Knowdell, is one of the easiest and fun ways to discover what is most important to you in your life.

Each card has a value printed on it, along with a short description.

You simply sort through this deck of cards, and organize them into five stacks based on how important each value is.

Then you take the cards with the values that are most important to you, and you rank those, 1 through 8. These are your top, most important values.

Next you write those top 8 values onto the included work sheet. (the online version does this for you).

Then, using that same work sheet, you list your career options.

Now, using the worksheet, you rate each career option on how well it meets your values, 1 through 8. The worksheet shows you how to do this. It's simple.

In this way you can see if a career option is a good fit for you.

The Knowdell™ Career Values Card Sort Will Help You:

  • Decide between two different jobs or two different career paths.

  • Identify and understand what's most important to you in your life (what are your values).

  • Prioritize and get clarity on your top 8 values.

  • Evaluate different career and job opportunities based on your top 8 values.

  • Make better career decisions by knowing what is really important to you.

  • Become more self aware.


Why Does This Work So Well?

As Dick Knowdell is fond of saying, the Career Values Card Sort has "high face value." What that means is, as you do this exercise, it becomes obvious to you, what is so important. You don't need a computer or a test to show you. The cards tell the story right in front of you.

Which Version is Best For You - Online Version or Physical Version

Online Version

  • Can be used with remote resume and coaching clients
  • Saves time - Your clients and students can use it at home and then bring the results to the classroom
  • Easy to use, the computer walks you through each step
  • The worksheet/report can be printed out with most fields already populated
  • Lower cost than physical versions
  • No shipping costs
  • You can purchase a deck online and be using it within minutes
  • Each virtual deck can only be used once

Physical Version

  • Each deck can be used multiple times
  • Best for one on one, in person sessions
  • No computer or internet connection needed
  • Each deck comes with one worksheet which must be filled out manually
  • Pricing is higher than the online version
  • It's more fun to use the physical cards than the online version


We accept credit cards, and purchase orders.

Quantity of Card Decks
Price per Deck
1 to 19
20 to 49
50 to 99
100 to 499
500 +



Call us 1-800-890-2591 for pricing, shipping costs, written quotes, and to place orders.

Office hours are 10 AM to 5 PM California.


Shipping & Handling

You can estimate your shipping and handling costs if within the US, or just call us for an exact number. For European shipments, please call.

Count up the number of card decks. Values, Skills, and Leisure card sorts count as 1 deck. Occupational Interests counts as 2 decks.

Quantity of decks: 1 to 9
2-8 day delivery ~ $6 using USPO "Media Mail"
2-3 day delivery ~ $9 using USPO "Flat Rate"

Quantity of decks: 10 to 39
2-3 day delivery ~ $18 using USPO "Flat Rate"

Quantity of decks: 40 to 500
2-3 day delivery ~ $18 for every 40 decks (40 fit in 1 box), using USPO "Flat Rate"
Example: 40 decks - 1 box ~ $18
Example: 60 decks - 2 boxes ~ $36
Example: 80 decks - 2 boxes ~ $36
Example: 81 decks - 3 boxes ~ $54

Call 1-800-890-2591 for pricing, shipping costs, a written quote, and to place orders. Office hours are 10 AM to 5 PM California.


CareerPlanner only ships the physical card decks in the USA & Europe.

Click here for a list of international distributors of the Knowdell Card Sorts.


Extra Worksheets

Each physical card deck comes with one worksheet.

The worksheets are professionally printed by Dick Knowdell. They are multi colored and in 4 page foldout format.

1 to 24
Pack of 25




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