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Knowdell Occupational Interests Card Sort®
(Physical Version)

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Knowdell Occupational Interests
Card Sort

(Physical Version)
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"Physical Version"

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Each deck comes with one worksheet. Click here for extra Knowdell Worksheets


Discover Your Interests & What Careers They Point To

A low-cost and fast technique for quickly identifying and ranking occupational interests.

  • 110 different occupational titles (two decks of cards) which you sort through
  • After initial sorting you group the careers that interest you into clusters
  • The clusters point the way towards careers should look into
  • Each card shows the Holland Code (RIASEC) which can be Googled to find more information
  • Each deck comes with one worksheet. Extra worksheets can be purchased separately.

Optional manual includes guidelines for counselors and group facilitators, an overview of interests and their role in career decision making, detailed instructions for the individual user and optional activities for clarifying career-related interests.


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Extra Worksheets

Each physical card deck comes with one worksheet.

The worksheets are professionally printed by Dick Knowdell. They are multi colored and in 4 page foldout format.

Click here for extra Knowdell Worksheets


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