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The Advanced Personality Test & Career Report

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Advanced Personality Type Career Report - book cover

The Advanced Personality Type Career Report will explain your personality type and show you which careers are a good fit for your type.

After you purchase the report, when you go to download it, you will be asked for your 4 letter personality type code which you can get from our free personality test.

This custom report will give you everything you need to understand your 4 letter personality type and to create a career that is in sync and in alignment with your personality.

Unlike reading books on personality type which often give you a lot more than you want to know, this report focuses on your specific type so that you can learn and absorb the material quickly. It's easy to read and easy to understand with no heavy psychological jargon and plenty of practical career advice.

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What Does "Personality Type" Have To Do With Careers?

With over 12 years of providing Career Advice and Direction via the Internet, we have found that "Personality Type" is absolutely the most powerful tool we can offer for:

  • Discovering your personal career direction and then selecting a specific career
  • Discovering your true path and mission in life
  • Improving personal relationships, both at work and at home

Why is Personality Type such a Powerful Tool?

There are 16 different personality types within the system and each one is represented by a four letter code, known as a "Personality Type" or a "Type."

There are two very important points to remember.

1) First, each of us has only one "Personality Type."

2) Second, your type stays the same throughout your entire life.

This latter concept is key. Your 4 letter type is the same as when you were 8 years old and it will be the same when you are 75.

It is one of the very few constants in life.

According to Carl Jung in his 1922 break through book, Psychological Types, "It's one's psychological type which from outset determines and limits a person's judgment ... type can describe ... the relationship of the individual to the world, to people, and things."

Personality Type describes how we "prefer" to do many things, including but not limited to::

  • The type of work we prefer
  • Whether we prefer to work with lots of people or just a few
  • The type of work environment we can thrive in and those that will limit us
  • The sources of satisfaction we can get from work
  • How we get along and don't get along with other people
  • Whether we show up on time for meetings or we frequently show up late
  • Whether we wait till the last minute to start a project, or we start well before a deadline
  • Whether we are detail oriented or big picture oriented and strategic
  • Whether we prefer to multi task or focus on one or two tasks
  • Whether we are disciplined and structured or we are flexible and go with the flow
  • Whether we are decisive or we prefer to delay decisions while more data comes in
  • Whether we are warm and caring or cold, impersonal and analytical
  • Whether we prefer to be inspired or entertained
  • Whether we prefer to have fun or get something done

The list goes on. It's amazing just how powerful the 4 letter personality type is.

What's Included in the Advanced Report?

  • A short introduction to "personality type"
  • The meaning of each of the 4 letters in your personality type
  • A full description of your 4 letter personality type
  • What drives individuals with your type
  • The strengths and natural abilities found in individuals with your type
  • Common weaknesses found in people with your type
  • How to compensate for your weaknesses
  • The core values found in people with your personality type
  • How to align your career with your strengths and your core values
  • List of careers that have been proven to align with your personality type
  • List of careers your type should avoid
  • Using personality type to get along better with others (interpersonal relationships)
  • Understanding how differences in personality type can result in better relationships
  • How to change your behavior and change your world, one second at a time

Click here to see an example of the Advanced Personality Type Career Report


What's the Advanced Report Based On?

Our Advanced Personality Type Career Report took over 5 years of research and development at Inc.

It is based on work done by Katherine Myers, Isabel Briggs who first developed the 4 letter personality type system. They based their work on that of pioneering Swiss Psychiatrist and author, Carl Gustav Jung who first identified and described these different personality types.


How Do I Get the report?

First you take our Free Personality Test which will tell you your 4 letter personality type.

Then you purchase the Advanced Report online.

The report is in PDF format which you download after purchasing.

Your receipt will have a link that will let you download the report any time you want.

Just prior to downloading the report we allow you to customize the person's name on the report and the 4 letter personality type used to generate the report.

This way you can purchase the report for someone else if you want.

After generating the report, you can access it any time by logging into our home page.

The report can be saved to your hard disk or printed out, or you can email to someone.

We will also keep your report on file for up to 5 years.


We use this in our own Career Coaching Practice

At we use the same information found in this report when we do phone based coaching sessions with our clients.

During Career Coaching sessions we combine the results two tests, our Career Interest Test, and the Personality Test.


Special Report Customization For Career Coaches and HR

When you download each report, you have the opportunity to insert both the name that appears on the report and the 4 letter personality type.

Thus career coaches and HR professionals can run this report for other people whom they are trying to help.

Thus, you can customize this report for each of your clients.

The email address of the purchaser controls access to the reports.

All reports are indexed by the email address of the individual who makes the purchase.


What If You Are Not Sure Of Your Exact Personality Type?

For some people, when they finish the personality test, they are confused over which of the 16 types is their type.

Usually when this happens, 2 or 3 of the types seem to fit but you are not quite sure exactly which one is right.

It is imperative that before you go any further, you spend the time to make sure you are 100% confident in your type.

There are 2 ways to do this.

1) You can read the descriptions of each type on our site or in any number of books

2) You can get professional personality type coaching over the phone. (we are certified to provide such counseling)


Comparison of Our Personality Career Reports

Advanced Personality Type Career Report
List of ~ 100 careers that match your Personality Type
List of careers your Personality Type should avoid at all costs
Simple description of what type of work matches your Personality Type
Concise explanation of what each letter in your type means
Full two page description of your Personality Type and what makes you so unique
The "Core Values" common to your Personality Type and what role they play in your career
What the "Strengths" and "Natural Abilities" are for your Personality Type
The key to leveraging your Strengths and Natural Abilities to achieve success and job satisfaction
Typical" Weaknesses" for your Personality Type, and how they can Sabotage your career.
Predicting mid-life crisis changes using your Personality Type
How to use Personality Type to fix and improve your relationships
How your Personality Type can cause "Bad Chemistry" with certain other Types and specific relationship advice for your Type
How to change your world, one second at a time


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