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Advanced Personality Type Career Report - book cover

Once you know your 4 letter personality type, the Advanced Personality Type Career Report will explain your personality type in detail and it will show you which careers have been found to be the best fit for your type.

Best of all, it will explain everything in simple, easy to understand terms.


About Our Free Personality Test

Known as the Robinson-Shur Type Indicator™ (RSTI™) this test will indicate what your 4 letter Personality Type is.

A number of Personality Type experts have told us that this instrument was the first test they've ever seen that would correctly identify their own Type. We are very proud of that.

What makes our test so different:

  • You can skip questions - we don't force you to pick answers you don't like
  • If your scores for two or more Types are close, we will show you those Types and let you decide. Other tests will force a tie breaker and not let you know about it.
  • If our test can not figure out your Type, it will tell you so. Other instruments are quite happy to give you bad information.
  • We won't interrupt you with advertisements while taking the test
  • Results are available the second you finish the test

The Robinson-Shur Type Indicator takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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Free Personality Type Descriptions


We also offer descriptions of the 16 Types, written by psychologists and researchers.

Reading descriptions to make sure you have the correct Type is highly recommenced. It's called the "Best Fit" method of discovering your Type. Basically, you take an assessment and then verify you have the Best Fit by reading these descriptions.

Click here for our descriptions of the 16 Personality Types



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