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"Survival Games Personalities Play"
by Eve Delunas, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, Author


According to author Eve Delunas, when people act out badly due to being triggered, the way they act out fits a pattern based on personality type and temperament.

Using this, one can better understand what may be going on when someone acts badly, especially if they are repeating the same bad behavior over and over.

Its all based on Termperament, something author Eve Delunas has used for many years, after learning it from the master of Temperament, David Keirsy.

This is especially useful when trying to understand other people, and when building self awareness and working on personal growth.


The Form of the Bad Behavior Is What We Are Looking At

For example, Improvisers (SP) according to Delunas, will act out using blackmail, doing actual damage to property, relationships and even self. They will manipulate others. Possibly setting up the double bind, where the recipient is damned if they do and if they don't.

Theorists (NT), my personality type, when acting badly, will use avoidance and distraction.

Stabilizers (SJ) will fall into complaining, usually about other peoples' lack of performance. They may become physically immobilized or even ill. They also neglect self care.

Finally, Catalysts (NF) resort to what Delunas calls Masquerade Strategy where they put a mask on, and pretend. They may alienate and deceive others. They will also avoid conflict.

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Improvisers (Artisans) (SP)


Stabilizers (Guardians) (SJ)


Theorists (Rationals) (NT)


Catalysts (Idealists) (NF)



Delunas says that this is not 100% accurate, but close enough to be useful.

Many people will relate to two of the four patterns. For example, Being INTJ, puts me in the NT temperament, and I do relate to using "avoidance," but I also relate to the SJ temperament when it comes to complaining about peoples' performance.

She cautions not to try to divine a person's personality type by how they behave badly.