More About Our Career Test


Our Career Test was developed to help you discover your ideal career and your true path in life. The test is based on the proven RIASEC system developed by Dr. John Holland. 

After taking the Career Test, you will receive your Career Interest Test Report.

Your 10 to 12 page Test Report will give you:

  • Your 2 to 3 letter Holland Code (your Career Type)
  • 30 to 100 Careers / Job Titles that match your Career Type
  • A list of careers you should avoid
  • A description of the types of work that match your Career Type / Holland Code
  • A description of the types of work that you should avoid
  • An east to understand explanation for how this all works


You Holland Code is a two to three letter code that describes the careers and types of work that match your interest and your values.

You can also type in your Holland Code to search through our data base of Job Titles.

The test report will give you insights into the fundamental nature of the careers that are good for you.  You can use this knowledge to make career decisions for the rest of your life.

The test report is in PDF format. We store it for you on our site in a secure location. However we encourage you to save it to your computer and print it out.

Unlike many career tests, ours is frequently updated to show new careers that did not exist a few years ago, including: Java Programmer, Web Master, Marketing Communications Specialist, Software Alliance Manager, Network Specialist and more.

The test applies to people from age 13 to 60+, including students and mid life career changers. 

Our career test has international appeal as well.  We have many satisfied customers from countries such as Canada, Great Britain, China, Pakistan, Spain and India.

There are 180 true/false - like/dislike questions that will probe your level of interest and skill levels.

Many career tests use questions that force you to choose between two activities. For example the question might ask if you prefer singing to writing poetry. What if you don't like either one? Usually you will be forced to pick one and this can lead to inaccurate test results. does not use forced choice testing. It also allows you to skip questions if you do not feel strongly about the responses. In this way's career test provides more accurate results than other types of tests.

If you have questions or concerns or you want to brainstorm ideas for your new career, you can write back to us and we will respond, for no additional charge.  We are not a test processing house.   We are here to help you create your future. 

If you have any doubts whatsoever about your career direction, take this test now.  

If $19.95 sounds too expensive for a tool that could change your life, consider the alternatives:

Picking the wrong major and then changing majors part way through college will cause you to waste $15,000 to $100,000 in tuition, room and board.  Who knows what job opportunities you missed because you graduated late?

Staying in the wrong job will cost you several years salary as well as countless missed opportunities.  Besides, why waste your life in the wrong job?

Why not try this unique product and invest in your future now?

Imagine what it will be like working in a career that is right for you:

          -When you love the work you do, you do it well. 
          -You're more motivated. 
          -You have boundless energy. 
          -Success comes naturally. 
          -You're confident of your direction.
          -You enjoy life more.
          -Opportunities come your way.
          -Those around you see the difference.
          -Work is fun once again.

Start planning your career and begin creating your future now...