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How Can Personality Type Help You?

Personality Type has been proven useful in these areas:

  1. Learning about yourself, your strengths, weakness, values etc
  2. Learning about what makes other people so different
  3. Helping you get along better with others
  4. Helping you become more happy and satisfied
  5. Marriage and relationship counseling
  6. Selecting a career
  7. Increasing sales
  8. Becoming better at persuading and convincing others
  9. Team development
  10. Increasing workplace harmony, productivity, efficiency
  11. Increasing the innovation of a team
  12. Leadership development
  13. Developing more self awareness
  14. Conflict resolution


Free Personality Test


7 Simple Ways To Learn About Personality Type?

Since Personality Type has been around so long, there are hundreds of books, research papers, and web sites on the subject. A lot of the information is free, so you can learn the basics without spending any money.

It's really more a matter of time. It does take some time and effort to learn. But the payback is quick.

Here are some basic steps to learning about Personality Type:

  1. Figure out what your 4 letter Personality Type Code is (both free and paid tests)
  2. Read a few Personality Type descriptions to compare your Type to others
  3. If your interest is mainly about your own career, check out this tool
  4. If you are really serious, get trained and certified in Personality Type (see below)
  5. Start to figure out what other people's Personality Types are (here is a good book)
  6. Join a Personality Type group such as APTi or a local chapter like BAAPT
  7. Check out some of the online Personality Type sites like Personality Cafe


Get trained and certified if you are serious about using Type

If you want to use Personality Type as a coach, counselor, organization development consultant, or trainer, consider taking the official classes that offer certification.

To be able to offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® to others you will want to take a 4 day class and pass the certification test, which is not that hard. Also, the classes are fun if you enjoy Type.

I took a 4 to 5 day class and became certified to administer the MBTI from CAPT back in 2004.

The classes will teach you the basics, but it takes a lot of real life practice to become really good.

Myers-Briggs Training and Certification (Canada)

CPP Asia Pacific


Alternative Ways For Discovering Type - without Taking a Test

There are alternative ways to determine a person's Personality Type.

A number of Type Practitioners do not like what they call the "test and tell" approach to discovering one's Type. The main reason is that many Type Assessments, including the MBTI are not always accurate. The MBTI is rumored to only be 63% accurate.

Thus, long time Personality Type Trainer, Linda Berens Ph.D., developed what she calls a multi-lens, self discovery method for helping a person discover their Type.

This includes her Interaction Styles lens and the 4 Temperament lens.

Linda had been one of the main trainers for the MBTI certification.

Linda's method does not use a test and thus there is no "test and tell." Instead, her method uses a couple of booklets which take you through exercises that will end up indicating what your Type might be.

Linda, offers classes and certification in her method. I took Linda Berens' class in 2010 and enjoyed it immensely. I found it inspiring. Most of the people in the class were trainers and organizational development consultants. The class drew people from around the world.

Click here for Training and Certification by Linda Berens Ph.D.


Well, I hope that helps get you started on a journey of personal discovery and success.

Best Regards,



Michael T. Robinson
Founder & Career Coach

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