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5) Bio-Tech Engineers and Scientists

Like nano-tech, the bio-tech industry is still in it's infancy in 2011 so you will have to look hard for companies doing this work.

These are the folks that are developing technology that will let you have a new heart, kidney or liver grown from your own cells, so that it won't be rejected which can happen if you get an organ transplant from a donor.



6) Robotic Engineers

Robotic activity is picking up, but has not yet exploded onto the scene. There are two key areas of work being done. One is to improve the artificial intelligence so a robot can act more human and can learn. The second is in better mechanics and materials.

I expect that in the next few years we will start to see an explosion in the area of human prosthetics where a person with a severe physical damage will wear a robot like exoskeleton to help them get around. This will be especially helpful to victims of auto accidents as well as wounded veterans returning from war.


7) Medical Technicians

A few weeks ago I read where the fastest growing segment of the population in Silicon Valley (between San Francisco and San Jose, CA) is the 85 year old and over bunch.

Experts predict that with advances in medical technology, anyone who is under 40 today ( year 2011) will probably live to be over 120 or more.

We are not talking about these folks being totally old and feeble. Advances in medicine will help keep these people active and healthy and wanting to have fun and spend money.

Thus between the aging baby boomer population and the younger generation that will live to over 120, I see a lot of jobs in the medical field taking care of older people.


8) Medical Nurses

Same as medical technicians. The aging baby boomer population and the technology that will allow people to live longer. There will be a lot of elderly people who need some sort of hands on medical care.


9) Marketing Managers

While most manufacturing jobs will keep moving to the country with the lowest labor cost, the marketing of products and services usually has to be done locally.

For this reason I think that there will always be a good demand for sharp marketing managers.

Often the best marketing jobs are for those people who have worked in the technical end of the business and who know the products and the customers well.

Thus the best marketing managers for software products probably worked as a software engineer creating those products.

The best marketing managers for the latest cell phone or book reader probably worked on creating those products.

So I would get a technical background rather than a business background if you want to be a marketing manager.


10) Investment Banker / Stock Broker

Even though some of the folks in this industry tend to cause banking and economic collapses every decade or so, it's a great place to work for really smart people with good business sense and absolutely no ethics or sense of responsibility.

When people tell me they want to make the most money they can and they don't care what they have to do for it, I point them to Wall Street. It's basically legalized criminal activity. Plus it leads to high level jobs in the government. Sorry for being so cynical but the banking / Wall Street induced recession has been very destructive.



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