Two Types of Career Testing
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Attention Counselors, Teachers, HR Managers, you can now use the same Career Tests in your organization that we use in our own Career Counseling practice.

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Two Types of Career Tests

There are two types of tests and we use both in our own Career Counseling practice:

1) Career Interest Test (CiT) for Your Organization

Our Career Interest Test will give the test taker their Holland Code which identifies the "Type" of work they are best suited to based on interests.

"Interest" is the single most inportant factor in selecting a career. Even if a person does not have the aptitude, if they are truly interested in a field they will figure out a way to succeed in that field.

The test takes 15 to 18 minutes to complete, on line, and comes with a 12 to 15 page report in PDF format.

The report explains what the Holland Code means. It describes what types of work the person is well suited to and which types of work the person should avoid. There is also a list of specific careers / job titles.

The two or three letter Holland Code can also be used to search for even more careers by using our Job Description Search Tool.

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2) Personality Type Test for Your Organization

Our Personality Type Test will give the test taker their 4 letter Personality Type as defined by Psychologist Carl Jung, and later by Myers and Briggs.

Personality Type is one of the most powerful tools for identifying one's best career path. Over 60 years of research by experts around the world has gone into understanding which careers are the best match to each of the 16 Personality Types.

Personality Type is also very useful as a personal self discovery tool and as a tool to improve interpersonal relationships.

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