Personality Type Description

By Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.*


  • Energetic
  • Idealistic
  • Organized
  • Responsible
  • Sociable
  • Charming
  • Outgoing
  • Warm
  • Sensitive
  • Caring
  • Tenacious
  • Tactfully persuasive
  • Leader
  • Charismatic
  • Influential
  • Popular
The Linder
Personality Type Descriptions
by Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.*



ENFJs are intensely warm, caring, insightful and charismatic.

ENFJs are preeminently "people persons" first, second and always. "Interpersonally warm" characterizes them.

ENFJs love to lead through "teaching".

Many ENFJs are mystically spiritual. Idealists, they enjoy - are , indeed, impelled to share their insights and visions with others.

ENFJs are decision-makers, feeling competent to quickly "size up" the environment - people included.

They are systematic in focus and see where "all the pieces fit".

ENFJs are able to assume executive responsibilities without "batting an eyelash" as it is natural for them to lead in order to initiate and to carry to completion simultaneous projects of wide or limited scope with ease.

Potentially, ENFJs have great ability to manipulate others as they have mighty interpersonal skills that they employ with ease to "sell" their beliefs and "programs and projects". They make some of the finest salespersons and will use their great skills to draw others to their "way of thinking".

Their warm charisma permits them to escape being considered manipulative as they are seen as sincere, nurturing and helpful in furthering not only their own dreams but also as helpful in furthering the causes of others. They are often overburdened with the caretaking of others.

ENFJs have the ability to be tenacious and energetic, not at all easily discouraged when they truly believe in a person, a project or have a dream they wish to be fulfilled.

Extraordinarily influential, ENFJs are intuitive and visionary in management, decision-making and organization.

ENFJs always bear in mind the interpersonal aspects which will affect the people they will meet along the way. Even their surroundings are engineered to meet and enhance the personal side of existence.

ENFJ mates and children can feel overlooked as the ENFJ can be easily prevailed upon by immediate need: the "immediate need" being whoever happens to call, stop by, or come-to-mind!

As do other NFs, however, ENFJs overlook their own psychological needs in order to supply the warmth, the emotional, psychological and spiritual uplift that others may need. They even have the ability to "vicariously" experience the distress of another.

As do other NFs, ENFJs continually search for the ideal, the perfect model for family relationships, business relationships and for life in general. They KNOW it is "out there- in here" somewhere and believe quite readily that "if-you-seek, ye-SHALL-find".

Because they are natural decision-makers and can readily "scan" an environment, ENFJs can easily err in making pre-emptive decisions for their loved ones and friends, and, indeed, even in business situations.


This concludes our description of the ENFJ personality type.


* Personality Type Description used with permission from the author, Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.