Personality Type Description

By Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.*


  • Outgoing
  • Innovative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Motivating
  • Non-conforming
  • Inspirational
  • Instigator
  • Multi-talented
  • Analytical
  • Likes to be challenged
  • Optimistic
  • Easygoing
The Linder
Personality Type Descriptions
by Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.*



Inspirational, enthusiastic, innovative, outgoing and motivational. That's only part of the story of the ENTP. Their heartfelt, "I-believe-in-you" attitude is a great energizer for those they seek to inspire. Their optimistic attitudes prod themselves and others to "overcome" the humdrum, the traditional, the expected, the methodical with innovation and energy.

ENTPs like challenges. They get to SHINE! They get to "strut their stuff" and show what intelligence, wit, intuitive enthusiasm will do. And that will be quite a bit for ENTPs are multi-talented as well as non-conforming. Their innovation, therefore, will be just that: innovative - something unique.

Mental "gymnastics" appeal to ENTPs. They love good, challenging repartee! Why? Well, they are ingenious. And analytical. And...well, yes, it must also be said that they love to "one-up" you. Surely, this "rings their chimes" but it can become tiring and nettlesome for those in constant contact with them. It can appear that they are their own best audience and that they applaud themselves.

Too, they can be dismissive of those they feel are intellectually inferior or who are not "power players". In spite of all their verbal, mental and innovative prowess, there may lurk some insecurity below the surface that needs approbation from "those in the know" that the ENTP is also among those who "know".

Ingenious, yes, and sometimes too clever for their own good. There are more than a few times that inability to follow-through to completion or sheer boredom with the "nuts and bolts" of carrying out the clever idea lead them to become known as thoroughly undependable. Too, their non-conformity may lead them to be irreverent and this, in turn, can lead to rebelliousness on occasion. Some ENTPs take delight in upsetting the system - covertly or overtly undermining when they can gain an advantage. They sometimes have a tendency to "flag" in energy once the exciting brainstorming has passed.

While not necessarily "loveable", the ENTP optimism and easy-going nature can make others adapt a "can-do" attitude and motivate them to do far more than they thought possible. ENTPs can be ever so much fun to be around and their creative thinking and unique, non-conforming and irreverent ways can delight and bring out the playful spirit sorely needed in many circumstances.


This concludes our description of the ENTP personality type.


* Personality Type Description used with permission from the author, Fannie R. Linder, Psy.D.