"ENTJ" Themes and Relationships

By Linda V. Berens Ph.D. and Dario Nardi Ph.D.

Personality Type:    ENTJ - Strategist Mobilizer
Temperament:   Theorist (NT)
Interaction Style*:    In-Charge
Likely Social Style: Driver

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ENTJ Snapshot

  • Theme is directing and mobilizing.
  • Talents lie in developing policy, establishing plans, coordinating and sequencing events, and implementing strategy.
  • Excel at directing others in reaching the goals dictated by their strong vision of the organization.
  • Thrive on marshaling forces to get plans into action.
  • Natural organization builders and almost always find themselves taking charge in ineffective situations.
  • They enjoy creating efficiently structured systems and setting priorities to achieve goals.

Themes and Relationships
for each Personality Type
by Linda V. Berens, Ph.D.
and Dario Nardi, Ph.D.**


ENTJ Theme

For Strategist Mobilizers, life is a process of leading— being the kind of leaders who maximize results by utilizing and developing the talents of those they lead. They enjoy forging partnerships to accomplish complex projects and strategically coordinate it all. They mobilize all the resources—people as well as financial and institutional—to achieve what they envision. To not have an opportunity to marshal these resources toward progress is to be cut off from what is truly energizing. Mentoring and empowering are more important than merely directing the actions of others for they are focused on the long term and don’t want to have to direct everything all the time.

Their thought processes tend to be integrative and analytical. They easily integrate the insights they have from their intuitive explorations into a coordinated plan that sequences events in the most effective way. They tend to take their predictive creativity for granted as they effortlessly lay out a plan. What people notice most is how quickly they analyze and prioritize.

In the interpersonal arena, they balance peace and conflict—confronting important issues as they arise yet not letting unimportant ones disrupt the progress toward the goal. Others sometimes see them as brusque and critical and can miss the ways they show how much they care. Caring is shown less through gestures of kindness and affection than through personal action—doing things for people they care about and persistently pursuing goals and advice based on strategic thinking.

It sometimes seems to them they’ll never get total control of managing all the details of time and resources. This feeling of inadequacy is one of the few things that can overwhelm them, even though they have a talent for coordinating multiple projects and completing tasks by their deadlines.

ENTJ Relationships

For Strategist Mobilizers, relationships are about mutual problem solving and usually have a purpose—family, social, professional, or even mentoring. They have a tremendous desire for relationships to be positive and productive, often viewing them as yet another project to be coordinated. Competition geared toward mastery often becomes a part of their relationships, especially professional ones. They want to learn what the other person knows. They tend to be very honest in relationships—refreshingly honest for many people, harshly honest for others. And their honest opinions are often quite accurate! They like people who are going to make them smarter, who will make them push themselves more or learn more, and seek close association with people if that value is there. Usually not very self-disclosing, they will open up quickly and matter of factly with people they like and judge as friendly. Even then, they tend to keep their distance and may be hard to get to know on a personal level. They are often quick to judge when others seem stupid or do not take responsibility for their own actions.

In their close relationships, they prefer mutually autonomous relationships and may just go along with common social roles much of the time. They have a tendency to focus on their careers for that is where they get to exercise their talents the most and get the most gratification. The downside is that personal relationships often can be “put on the back burner” or a partner seen as an adjunct to their careers. When they realize the importance of the relationship, however, they put a lot of effort into staying connected, and they can be quite sentimental at times. Sharing activities, coaching, and mentoring are often an important part of the relationship.

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