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INTJs prefer careers where:

*  Management allows people to be self directed  
*  There are several opportunities to demonstrate competence  
*  The culture appreciates fair but tough decision making  
*  The work offers plenty of opportunities to make decisions  
*  You are able to maintain control over your projects  
*  You can apply your natural ability to focus and concentrate, rather than multitasking  
*  The environment, culture and pace allow you to consider things fully before having to respond  
*  The work allows you to work at a careful steady pace  
*  The work involves theory and speculation  
*  The work allows you adequate private time to work alone and to concentrate  
*  The work involves creativity, imagination and a creative approach to problem solving  
*  The work involves looking beyond the present i.e. future possibilities, future products, future actions  
*  The work is not limited to what exists today but involves "what may be" and "what could be"  
*  The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to analyze and make objective, logical decisions  
*  The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to provide others with direction and supervision  
*  The environment is more structured and disciplined, being on time and following procedure is considered important  

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